Secret data in the king’s list of Kish

The king’s list of Kish is known since at least 100 years and gives us the names of the kings since the deluge.

See in this table.


Chronicle Mesopotamia according Glassner

GA… ur4

1200 jaar




960 year




1200 year




420 year

3 months 3 days and a ½



300 year




840 year




960 year



840 year



900 year



600 year


Eagle ?

840 year


Antelope male

720 year



1500 year




400 year




660 year




900 year




1200 year




140 year




305 year




900 year




1200 year




900 year




625 year



23 kings ruled

24510 year

3 months, 3 days and a ½ 




Kudurru die Kula represents goddess of medicine,
Babylonian region (iraque) -1300

The life time goes far beyond the high ages of our forefathers before the deluge and nowadays not a lot of people believe in such kind of achievements. It is also not for sure those people even existed if you see the translation of the names, like dog or lam which don’t sound like royal titles at all.

One name is confirmed by historians. Ag-ga found in a Babylonian chronicle and is from the same time period as Gilgamesh around 2650 BC with who he had a conflict. The last one declared him the war without taking in account the opinion of seniors (first chamber) and asked the juniors (second chamber) their permission to go in war.

We see that after 4650 years nothing is changed, if you see that the France humanitarian bombs kill the Serbs without asking permission to the French second Chamber and that the France refuse an oil boycott under the excuse that they can not act like that because they are not in war and this only is possible with permission of the second Chamber. Not a surprise that Janis has two heads (see his chapter).

The story of Ag-ga and Gilgamesh is with a happy end the two enemies reconcile. The Epos of Gilgamesh tells about the reconciliation with Enkidu and that he even found all kind of inspirations. I am not of the opinion that we in our time of life will not get very soon a happy end.

Let’s return to our Calumumians and others like lambs and dogs.

When we understand the Sumerian Babylonians that we have to observe the firmament, by the way the chronicles of the king’s list of Kish say “and kingship relates to heaven!”

The astrology was a main part of the religion of these people and concerning astronomy we had to wait 3500 years up till the middle ages to do it better than these geniuses.

The animals take part in the Babylonian firmament. What is the meaning of those figures? The way of Gilgamesh (Mercury) in the constellation? Or another planet God. My astral know-how is limited to Great Bear or the planet Venus and is still a virgin territory to discover the meaning of the above mentioned figures.

I studied (attacked) those figures with a rough calculation in a way of searching for the dimensions of the Titanic with the help of an English telephone cell.


Data of the problems:

23 king lived 24510 year, 3 months, 3 days and a ½. The 3 months, 3 days and a half give the information that such kind of precision is not for free or for nothing. See that chapter too.


First attack, these 24510 years are maybe weeks, so divided by 52 and something else a tropical years is 365,242199 days or 365 days and 5 hours 48’ and 46”.

So we have in a year 365,242199 ÷ 7 = 52,177542 weeks.

24510 ¸ 52,177542 =469,74232                                                         (A)

0,74232 ´ 365,242199 = 271,1260 days  (» ¾ year)

We miss quarter of a year for a whole figure

365,242199 ¸ 4          =  93,3105 days  (» ¼  year) 3 monthsý   (B)

Remains                       =     3,5       days                                          ý (B)


                                       365,9365 days


                                                   A + B » 470 year

What is time period of a year at the Babylonians? Let’s call it  (X)

24510 ¸ (x/7) = 24510 x 7 ¸ x

[24510 x 7 ¸ x  -  469 ]x + x ÷ 4 + 3,5 = x

X= 365,2442788

365 days + 5 hours + 51’ and 45”


The difference with our present calendar is 3 minutes a year!

Can we make the conclusion that the list of this king is based on weeks!!

My opinion no doubt the answer is NO!

Beside that 23 kings lived after the deluge and this confirms that this catastrophe took place in the period of 2900 – 3200 BC and we will discuss more details in chapter Deluge.

We calculate all the years of the kings to a total than we can make the quick conclusion of 24510, 6000 are missing because the total is 18510. What can we conclude from this?

The 470 added to the life period of Gilgamesh (2650) give the Deluge date of 3120 BC.

This date is very close to the date of the null year of the Mayas with “August 12, 3113 BC”

Beginning of August in this same period Ötzi came in a show blizzard and he becomes our famous hibernate of the Alps. Only we can be sure of the period of the year season, because he had a prune in his pocket. From the other side the year is for 96% for sure and that results on so many years ago inaccuracy.

Finally the conclusion is he passed away violent injury, so this has nothing to do with the deluge problem and has n effect on that.

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