Shamash or Cham


The Bible tells us the historical story about this person in the period post Deluge. As one of three sons of Noe he survives the catastrophe of the deluge with his parents.

Uncle Cham is not so popular at the Jews and they had probably good reasons. First of all what writes Genesis about this? Noe had three sons Cham, Sem and Japhet who the whole known Earth populate. In other words Africa, Arabia, the fertile half sicle including the present Turkey and the Aegean Sea (see map) and the genealogical tree of Cham.

The offsprings of Cham go to Africa-Palestine and Mesopotamia.

The official offsprings are nowadays known with the name Canaan’s, country of the Canaan’s or the present Israel

  • Miçraïm, a term still used for by Jews for Egypt
  • Kouch= people of the kouchites – Nubians and this name means black for the Jews
  • Shinéar = people of Mesopotamia

Before Cham started to populate other countries, Cham lived with his parents like all children.

According the books Noe discovered a drink made from fermented grapes. I cannot imagine that this corresponds with our wine of today, but even when we consider the worst table wine, the alcohol percentage remains the same as nowadays. Yeast starts to produce alcohol in anaerobic rich watery sugar environment but when the alcohol percentage of the wine yeast reaches the 10 – 12 %. The yeast will be killed in her own created alcohol environment. The discovery of fermented drinks is according the historians around 3500 BC and this date matches well the discussed calendar in chapter Adam and Eve.

The drunkenness of Noe is according the books an accident of ignorance about the effects of alcohol. Maybe we can have our doubt for the first time, but when we see that Cham ridicules his father when he is unconscious naked on the floor and covered with some sheets by his other brothers than it is probably not the first time this drunkenness.

The father once back to the basic and sober is furious. Cham and his son Caan become slaves from Sem and Japhet and forever dammed. The Christians with the same degree of being racists as the Jews used this text from the Bible as an excuse to trade the black slaves, those who are relatives from Cham according the Bible.

This trade and way of life is faraway from any Christianity, the black people even organized the first “deliveries”

The Arabs surpass the numbers of the Europeans and under the Europeans we had a lot of Jewish shipowners.

We can conclude that the offspring’s from Cham have done it well, with the son Kuch according Raema and grandchild the Important Nimrod. This person we meet at almost very page of this essay and gives in an indirect way the name God, Zeus via the name Belu Baal.

Since 200 years we have the Assyriology and the discovery of the famous king’s lists “K.L.” who presented us the kings before the deluge. See chapter Gilgamesh.

Cham or Shamas is in the Acadian language and in the Sumerian language UTA “the Sun”. Still at the moment is Shams in the Semitic, languages the Sun! At the Egyptians it is Ra. Maybe a deformation with (Ra)ema, grand child of Cham?

It is not a surprise that the Egyptians took over the Gods from the Sumerian after they learned from them how to write too. This with the arrival of Kuch. Those people are called in Egypt the Kuchits. They gave the name Osiris to this God King. Other gods are Isis or Inanna. Samash and Inanna must have lived in the Neolithic. Those genius people who invented agriculture knew that all what lives and grows get her energy from this planet and made the Sun to the main God.

What is the reason that the Jews diabolized Cham?

Every time that a nation is tyrannized by another the Gods of the dominated one are diabolised and the old God replaced by the new ones?

Cham of Shamas is in fact a Sumerian God named UTU.

In 2340 BC Sargon One becomes in charge, but he was a Semite and his language obligated. The Semites take over the empire for ever in the Middle East. It is not a surprise that those nations had problems with their previous masters. First of all the names of the God changed and after a couple of generations Nimrod, Marduk and also main God. The undermining or diabolizing of the conquered Gods was normal; the biblical story of the damnation of Cham is an example.

2300 years late we find in the dead sea rolls a possible explanation about the hate of the Semites against Cham.

In Genesis you can read in chapter about the deluge that the sons of God marry with thee daughters of the human being. Who is God in this period?

Uncle Cham of course and this king God had a huge harem with numerous sons,  with the result of an exotic mix up of races and half-breeds, the chapter ends with the deluge as punishment!

In the text of Qumran we find a story about the birth of Noe:

The father of Noe, Lamech is surprised that his son had blue eyes and hair as red as fire. In short terms he doubts his fathership and askes his wife Bath-Enoch explanation. She gives unlimited explanations and remembers him how they together made this child. He remains his doubts, in the spirit of a European who gets a child with a curly head and dark skin, and Lamech asked his father Mathusalem advise and he advised him to go to his grandfather Henoch who passed away when he was “young”. According the bible Henoch passed away when he was 365 years and this is young compared the the other forefathers of 969 and 777 years.

My conclusion is that Henoch asked questions about the bad behaviour of the sons of Cham and there was no pardon for this courtesan (Henoch). Of course this whole story is mixed of realistic and non-realistic, if we look to the dates and the persons. Cham could not be there before Noe, but this is an argumentation of the present century.