Separation between Church and State

Who does not agree with this progress of our modern time?
But still you can question it…!

The historians give all kind of examples of separation between religion and the royal power on earth. In the period of 2700 BC very close before Gilgamesh became king in the land of the Sumerians. In the beginning of the Sumerian period the king and the church was even the same person. The separation becomes at a certain moment a necessity because the governmental job demands too much attention for one person so the king has to delegate it. In reality he controls the spiritually function with the help of his own conductors appointed by the same potentate. The numerous sons and daughters of his harem are used for this like priest or Hierodule (prostitute of the church) and we will find this relation church/kingship up till the French revolution. The triangle relation church-king-army of our Indo-European civilization took place till the concordat of 1801 and ends with the law of 1905, or in other words our present situation two complete separated authorities.

The destruction of relations between these empires is as absurd as to make an independent authority of our ministry of justice as president Chirac stated Urbi et Orbi just after he became president and demonstrated as he already did many times that he will not miss any occasion to make an historical miser.

Not so long ago I heard on a radio station, which defends the Roman Catholic Church day and night, that the church does not cope with politics. Of course I will say every body has its own profession. Still the church has its own policy that can interfere with worldly authorities. Where I am fighting against is that with this more and more specialisation of both functions, they say that the church does not need the state anymore and specially the State the church.

The function of the church is a bit excavated from its real substance with keeping the tradition of our forefathers and ceremonies like marriage, funerals and less and less baptising but the essential part; the indoctrination from a moral by living together in a society still continues with the old visitors of churches, who in fact has no personal needs anymore.

This function is replaced by our socialistic state by a couple of lessons “citizen love” at school. Or what our good idealists call the ‘awareness of our other citizens’. In fact this is a translation of being a Christian. There is no doubt that this function ever can be taken over by our teachers. But the other way around in the past priests where active in education and had a function in schooling, who at least taught our Dutch blond pupils at least how to read and to write and they were far away from the 40 % analphabetic who are produced by our very expensive state schools at the end of the present primary schools (this means no able to produce 20 sentences).

Separation between church and state (townhall)Remembering my youth, almost every day we visited the church, be aware that the total visits to the church were noted in the overview of your school results, praying before every meal and the start of the lessons, religion lessons once per day and your prayer before you went to bed, the visit to church twice on Sunday, the services like acolyte, processions and activities related to the religion like to fast, Gregorian singing, first and holy communion, the preparation of the wedding. Despite this daily indoctrination the Church had not the last word and the devil knew to demand his part, mainly crumbs.

I have the idea that nowadays our today’s anti-God took place as the head of the banquet of our materialistic consumption society. It is for sure, the concordat and the effective separation is a masterpiece of this evil brain but be careful it even can be “better”! At the moment he has in his luggage what is called in France “the cerise on the cake”.

20 years ago my nephew, manager of a seminary in Hydrabad in India, asked in public why is a woman not priest? And he got a fight with the pope. We are lucky that we can say the Pope is impeccable and the Pope was right to doom this heresy. Back in England where he studied, this idea became more popular. In the meantime in the Anglican Church female priests are blessed. This is understandable, because the leader of this church is a female too, namely the queen Elisabeth, but she is fallible!

Despite this half mistakes, the devil continues full of energy on the territory of the worldly authority, women and man equal rights, to work at night, smoking, drugs, equal income and he finds every day new ones.

The Russians understood it very well; they put women on tractors and working in the heavy industry already before we copied them. From the other hand in the First World War woman replaced men because the men were not available.

Nowadays it is the day of equality, 80 % of the judges and education are women.

This absurdity comes from where? The French revolution of 1789 with human laws and the first article says; all human beings are free born and have the same rights. These last words are corrupted in a synonym of equal and interchangeable.

Seeing men carrying babies on their belly gives me rash on my skin or the opposite women driving trucks and auto busses or giving orders in the marine. It is impossible to generalise exceptions, women the head of a country is not special at all but in no case a base to a law to be equal. As long in the competition for jobs between a boy and a girl the weight of the miniskirt can give the final decision, the man should stay away from this equal of human rights vision. Since the right for voting is given to a woman the man took also a bite from the apple that was offered by the master of damnation.

Viarmes 24-01-01