The human-being created God


A provoking title and used many times by writers like J.J. Rouseau or nowadays Messadié and I also came to this conclusion before I read these intellectuals.

Before we continue about the Gods and all passed civilizations it is important to understand how we came to the complex of religion.

In which period the human being starts to be religious?

We have about this topic not so many archeological indications and the writings are very poor or better to say not present when we speak about the period of 3000 BC Christ.

20.000 – 30.000 years ago the human being should have asked himself or herself the question about this issue. This at the moment that they realized that life is a deadly  (venereal disease). In France they say disease sexual transferred

Here we do have a conflict situation. The first instinct of the human and all what lives is preservation of life. How is it possible that a person, who is of the opinion that he is brilliant disappears from this world?

A solution must be found. Whatever the cost will be, as the passengers of the Titanic, start to understand that the end starts to be fatal. The creation of heavens, paradises and Champs Elysée is made than very quickly in this status of consternation.

By the way the veneration of the deaths is very related to these fundamental questions.

In the past a shaman, sorcerer or medicine man who also ruled the village alone or in cooperation with the head of the tribe managed the religions.

These tribes were normally not bigger than 50 or 100 inhabitants.

In mid of 4000 BC the Sumerians settled in Mesopotamia and by their genius organization they created very quickly added value to their work in agriculture and especially the irrigation. Caused by this it was possible to build big cities for instance UR, this city is the most known and stipulated in the Bible that Abraham came from this town. The author leaves the full responsibility to the writers of this sacral book. Because such kind of historical facts are really dubious.

It is impossible to harmonize such a lot of people in one person.

The headman of the village became in cooperation with his family a potentate who was practicing in the mean time also religion.

He used, the religious wants of the people. Because they wanted to secure their lives in the hereafter. Of course the Headman became rich with this practice and used the Gods for this, because it was very difficult to satisfy a god. So a lot had to be given.

In the beginning the most important actors for those Gods was visible in the firmament like;

Tree of Life

  1. The Sun
  2. The Moon
  3. Venus

With their names at the Sumerians;

  1. UTU

At the Egyptians we find the same, the Sun God with the name Râ. After a couple of generations those seigneurs and “kings’ thought and acted also like that they were God on earth. The pharaoh is the best example for this. But let’s stick to our Sumerians, they became God with theirs names related to the planet system. Those planets those were visible with the eye at that time.

In the same period we see that religion became so important that in fact a new authority was established. Controlled by the existing authority and by placing a royal family in this religious authority. During the thousands of years after this period a very close symbiosis was realized between those two authorities. The past century is a good example of a not realistic relationship between the orthodox church and the communistic regime of the ex URSS.

The separation between Church and state is around 2700 BC but the terminology is not correct. This is a realization of our modern society since a century. The king created different ministries to rule his country, from which the ministry of religion played an important role and sometimes the main role and than it became automatically a theocratic one.

We are already far away from our forefathers of the Neolithic periods who lived in the northern hemisphere up to the arctic pole shamanistic and who were in the tropical areas animistic. The latest ones saw the ghosts of the Gods (good and evil) in every materiel alive or not. This is for sure a more realistic vision of life than our presents monotheistic believe in an astral God (our Lord who is in heaven since the Sumerians). Our forefathers and nations lived for thousands of years in harmony with this environment.  The cutting of a tree or the killing of an animal like a bear, without making the usual rituals and making offers could traumatize the human being even bringing him in a mortal stage. The human realized that he was a part of nature and was happy with that, without believing that he was at the end the sum mum of the evolution.

The city created the state religion or is it maybe the other way around?

One is for sure; one process is not stand-alone. When Malraux writes: “The next centenary will be religious or not”

In the beginning it is not clear, but it is more understandable when we say a city or a country with 20 % of the people without God neither a command is not manageable.

David Erwing Ducan in his book “Le temps conté” discussing the downfall of Rome give a clear description regarding the function of a religion; “as the barbarians soon said good bye to their idols by embracing a religion who ordered an absolute obedience stronger than ever the previous one was requesting from them. In fact the church did not want to have the authority over an area or over an army but more over souls.

This authority started to control for the coming centenaries, all the aspects of life from al the believers. Up till the boots of Big Brother is watching you. If you look how texts from the bible is changed by fanatics or deleted or completely rewritten as happened around 400 AC. Nowadays we still are in this “newspeak” without discussing the horrible inquisition. Orwell got his inspiration by the evil empire. Regan he wandered in 1920 – 1930 between the ultra left, communistic resistance in Spain.

This Labor paradise was a pale copy from Christianity and had the function like an atheistic religion. We have to fear that religions in the future will be the result from this and will end up in the same totalitarian systems but then in a different setup.

Enjoy that we can breathe and we have the profit of this period in which Christianity begs forgiveness and the so seeming decline of totalitarianism red and brown!

We can make a bet that religions in the future will be heavily inspirited by the factor of ecology if we want to continue to live. The urbanization of our planet started 5500 years ago and can not continue forever. The religions are like the civilizations that means dreadful. You see some symptoms for change; in our modern society, human rights, democracy, legal intervention, correctness in policy, one world, anti racism, terrorism ecology, you name it.  All in a very nice sauce called caritas business. These are all factors to create new religions.

The ecology is a spiritual concept that in fact better is related to the ultra conservatives.

The struggle for life (Darwin) you remember! But this respect for ecology is occupied by watermelons (green outside, but red inside). This is not what remained from the cold war. In that period the Russian block was very popular for all oppositions against the free western world and pacifism and ecology were a part of that.

This all together is the basic for our future religions, but it is not yet clear what kind of Gods our children have to face.

SpijkerschriftLet’s go back to our bacchanal old Gods.

Few writings about this period are present. It started 2000 BC and we are forced to replace ourselves in the writings of 1000 years or more later, (the Kings lists made in cuneiform writing) The writers about the genealogy of the Kings of that time, they wanted to bring them back to their great grand time and the important mythological great grand fathers. This list of Kish city is very instructive. She gives us the information about the genealogy after deluge and starts with ‘sic’. The deluge will come. After deluge, kingdom and kings are sent out of heaven.

It is the same as the title of this chapter, to change to role and it is in fact the human being who sacral zed their kings and projected them in the world of the stars. Since then all religions got their inspirations form the genius creation of universe. Nowadays we pray about the Lord who is in Heaven and when I write these words 13 May 1999. Ascension Day, the Day of the constructors of Elevators (my profession), the Christians memorialize that Jesus lift off to Heaven and becomes a half God and for others a 100 % God.

The king list of Orouk begins with 5 kings, we will find them back in the epos of Gilgamesh and they are still the base of our civilization of today. The lifetime of these kings is discussed in chapter 3 “secret dates the Kings list of Kish”.

The Gods who we will discuss now and begin in this period are an important help for a couple dates, who where not yet solved up till now.