A free mind feeds her selves like a wild animal, who seeks for her humble food and refuses, which is given to her.

This book starts Eastern Monday 1993, by reading the book of Pr. Dr. Tollman ‘Und die Sintflut gab es doch’ ‘The flood has still taken place’ and in particular the book of Pr. Papke “Die geheime Bottschaft von Gilgamesh’ ‘The secret message of Gilgamesh’

This latest book proves at least that there is parallel between the royal persons at the Summiers and the patriarchs from the Bible like Noé or Noah, his sons and grand child Cham but in particular the great Nimrod.

During this research about how really old those Gods are and after swallowing up whole libraries about this topic and regularly visits to the libraries of laboratories for radioactivity special dating C14 up till scuba diving in the Caldira(without oxygen bottles), the place where Zeus Typhon has beaten, I concluded that nowhere an etymological explanation about the names of Gods exists. That is why I choose for the title of this book

“The name of God” in French “Nom d’un Dieu” and in Dutch “In Gods Naam”.


Because a lot of existing information about this topic is corrupted and shown as it is the truth.

There always has been a strong resistance against new discoveries and in particular when it is against the existing conservative sciences, every discovery creates a discussion with the conscience and creates resistance. Human beings act like the physical laws, of which one of the first laws is. “Every action creates a reaction!”

The mankind always acted in a conservative way against new developments. There are enough examples about this:

Copernic, Galilee, Darwin, the first cave paintings in Altemira. From which the president of the academy of science stated that the paintings where not pre-historical at all. The floating of the continents in the 30th’s by Wegener is accepted in the 60th’s after the tragically disappearing of the ice in Greenland.

Every new idea should not be accepted so easily, but the above-mentioned examples are hiding a lot of fantastic ideas from which a lot unfortunately disappeared in the historical waste bin.

When I say to a theologian that Barabas is the pseudonym for Jesus, and it is not any news. Then I am not surprised at all, not to get any reaction. Very likely you will get only an absolute stillness against this argumentation.

Discussion about religion with historical argumentation is against all logical principals.

When you say to a Greek historian that Gilgamesh is plagiarized with Hermes and Hercules is a different person, than you get the same objections as for the pseudonym of Jesus in his battle against the Roman occupation.

In fact it is normal that a scientist, who lives very wealthy from a government income, is afraid to risk his reputation. The examples of scientists, who are boycotted by their colleagues, are numerous. Only less gained by publishing anti-scientifically theories like Velikovsky by publishing his world bestseller.

Where is the time, that a Prince could fire his artist because the performance of the artist was very poor? Our present Prince and benefactor ‘the Government’ spends billions for very poor results. Or you consider all kind of super modern museums and imaginary art as real art. Or you are of the opinion that it is normal to act like a lot of scientists in the communistic time, being top parasites from the government.

It is obvious that I am against this kind of governments and methods.

Because the most important part from this kind of organizations is the number of yearly publications, beside the content. The only important part that it is written in a professional language in an English type of Esperanto of Volapük.

Is it meaningful to publish my work in the poor English of my brother Henk?

In this ocean of publications, even without touching Internet, than this book will be a floating bottle in the sea.

The person who finds the message in this bottle, his or her answer is very welcome.!!!

This book describes mainly persons, who passed away a long time again ago and who are deified. This work is devoted to “MICHEL” who remains in my mind at every page of this book and in particular in the beginning of 1994 when the chapter of Adam and Eve was typed on a his Mac long before I changed to this modern numerical technology.

Viarmes 01-2002